mmmMarine Power, a company based in Ponchatoula, La., “marine-izes” engine blocks. As Marine Power buys them from General Motors, the engine blocks are similar to standard automotive engines but come with some fittings that are specific to marine use; Marine Power modifies the engines further, to make them completely suitable for use in boats.

That modification is a “tricky process,” says W.E. “Eddie” Allbright Jr., the firm’s principal owner. Marine Power transforms the half-dozen sizes of engine block that it buys from GM into perhaps 500 marine models. They vary on such points as whether they’re for use in fresh water or salt, are fuel-injected or carbureted, and so on.

Marine …



recoverraidIt’s no secret that businesses are becoming more digitized. Writers now work with laptops and designers have a whole host of programs and software to help them determine exactly how that shirt will look after production or just what kind of paint needs to go on the wall in that kitchen. You can sign for documents online and now, you can take a picture of a cheque in order to deposit it. A lot of advancements have been made in the last 20 years alone and the world is constantly changing. Many businesses that haven’t been able to keep up with the changes have slowly disappeared and are relegated to our memories.

With the increase of productivity many businesses are using servers to help meet the needs they are facing. Servers are generally comprised of RAID set ups which are born from hard drives being assembled together in different formations and organized with different software. Hewlett-Packard, or HP as the company is commonly known, has been a forerunner in the computer world. They have designed their own servers with their own, specialized controller software. This is a benefit for people using it because you don’t have to worry about calling a million places if you have questions. But like all things, servers are not immune to failure. There are different types of failure, such as logistical which means the software has been compromised, and physical which means something inside the hard drive itself has broken and needs replacing.

As HP has developed and been selling their own server set ups if you find yourself facing a failure of any kind you need to make sure that when you are researching how to fix it you use people who have experience. Chances are, you can contact HP directly and they can look into fixing your software. If that’s not an option, there are other companies who are experienced in server recovery. These are people who have been trained and recover hundreds of server set ups a year. You don’t want to try using the new kid on the block that is really good at hard drive recovery but has never done a RAID recovery because chances are you can kiss your data good bye.

HP servers use specific pieces and specific controller software. If there is a problem with any aspect of your server you want someone who has recovered HP PowerEdge RAID servers before. This information should be easy to find out because most companies who have experienced Continued…



Mouthpieces like this can save your life!

Mouthpieces like this can save your life!

Snoring is not only a nuisance, it is a deadly silent killer. It is deadly to your body, and deadly to bedroom activities. Snoring causes more relationship problems than you can imagine. Sadly, it is not like the snoring person has much of a choice. Thanks to the obesity epidemic in America, amongst other things, snoring goes on in almost half of all the households in the U.S. That is a ridiculous amount of noise.

I once had a father in law that snored so loudly, it could be heard all over the house. My mother in law eventually moved into her own bedroom, and …



bsNEW YORK — Last week Avtex Fibers hosted its annual Boat Show party for some 100 mill executives here, all of whom share a common interest besides textiles — love of the sea.

The affair marked the 18th in a series of yearly boating parties that Avtex has sponspored. It started with buffet luncheon at Les Pyrenees and ended several hours later at the New York Coliseum where everybody got an advance look at the new power and sail boats on exhbiit at the 76th National Boat Show there. The show opened to the public this week.

Although virtually all major fiber producers have latched onto sporting events — tennis, golf



lbpcThink those little ladies can do it?” a man asks, nodding out toward the harbor. “Think they can beat Dennis Conner and all those other men by next year?”

It is a sparkling May afternoon in San Diego. We are leaning on a railing, watching one of the giant 75-foot International America’s Cup Class yachts slice the blue surface with power and grace. Aboard, 16 women work in perfect unison to put this glistening carbon-fiber racing machine through its paces. I say nothing.

“It would be a good bet,” the stranger muses. “After all, it’s just a sailboat race–not physical stuff like baseball or anything. Maybe they can. How tough can it …



fgabA gel coat, which provides a boat’s smooth exterior finish, is then applied to the mold. It is usually sprayed onto the mold with a gun which mixes MEK peroxide initiator with the gel-coat resin in a process very similar to spray painting a car. This one-step process creates a gel-coat thickness of about 20 mils. To get the proper thickness, the gel coat must be sprayed slightly thicker to allow for shrinkage during the curing stage. A gel coat that’s too thin will not provide the necessary protection for the laminate, and if it cures much thicker than 20 mils, it is susceptible to cracking. The gel coat is left …



ablfYou don’t have to leave the dock to get in over your head

SAFETY EXPERTS WORK HARD TO educate people on the hazards of boating. Rather than talk about wave-tossed drama, they’d do well to emphasize what some consider the most dangerous place on any waterway–the boat landing or ramp.

Horror stories about the hazards of getting boats in and out of the water abound. And with boats getting larger and more expensive, the yarns have become more painful.

Sure, landing the boat seems routine for most veteran boaters, but neophytes often find themselves groping through a series of unforeseen disasters until they master the art. The U.S. Coast Guardf …



bgsWith Brunswick for two years, Bob Sell has 20 years experience in IT, engineering and finance–all at manufacturing companies. Prior to his current post, he was CIO with the Coors Brewing Co. Now, he co-leads Brunswick’s purchasing council and has responsibility for the company’s e-business initiatives.

“Bob has really done a lot to bring leveraged purchasing of IT to the forefront,” says Nancy Keenan, corporate purchasing manager. Keenan works with Sell on Brunswick’s purchasing council and has played a vital role in consolidating non-traditional services purchasing at the company, namely corporate travel.

Melding together

Based in Lake Forest, Ill., Brunswick is made up of six distinct units, each of which operates autonomously. …



eparLATE LAST SUMMER, ANOTHER writer and I stepped off a dock and into aluminum fishing boat, intending to take the new Suzuki 70 four-stroke out-board for a test run. I offered him the helm, and he slid behind the wheel. He turned the key and we were assaulted by a pained screeching from the starter. The motor was already running.

Welcome to the world of low-emissions outboards and goodbye to smoking, shaking and sputtering. The Suzuki 70 is so smooth and quiet that we both went aboard without noticing it was humming on the transom. Which is exactly the point Suzuki hoped to make, and it clearly illustrates the difference between …



gyffthOF ALL THE SKILLS IN fishing, boat control ranks near the top on the difficulty scale. However, you don’t sell a lot of magazines by promising to teach boat control–the phrase just doesn’t grab like “hottest new lures” or “breakthrough bucket-mouths.” But whether you’re pulling a leech along a weed line for walleyes, soaking dead bait in a deep hole for catfish or drunking a jig into a pocket in the weeds for bass, how you control your boat often determines whether or not you catch fish. Not only is it hard to find good instructional material on the subject, but mastering it requires a great deal of on-the-water practice. I’ve been …